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I specialise in developing web apps for your single person business, that run on your phone, your tablet or your desktop, which help save you time, money and frustration.

On Your Phone

Thumb-friendly! Imagine being able to generate quotes and invoices with just your thumb! It's entirely possible.

On Your Tablet

Both thumbs! A tablet has a bigger keyboard, so much easier to enter details while you're onsite.

On Your Desktop

Not happy with the mobile or tablet version during the day? No problems. Come home, fire up your browser, and have the big screen and keyboard to input all the details - ah! Big screen comfort!

About Me

The most important thing to me is helping you bill for your time on the job.

No more handwritten quotes and invoices. Spend more time with your family.
Use your phone or tablet to generate quotes and invoices whilst you're there, at the job.

"No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers, dirty looks!"

For more information about me, and my past, and my experience, please see the About page on my personal website.


A few things that customers have said:

Hi Brad...well i’ve given it a go and what a ripper...LOVE IT!!

I've just gone through the app both with pc web and iphone: great work, really! Intuitive user interface, fine graphical design that does not challenge user experience and yet looks eye-catching. Great example of what the web app should be!


Can't wait to see what you can have?

Click these demos to explore what's possible...


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Customer Relationships

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Online Sales

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For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. Honestly. There are no hidden surprises.

$75 per month, or save yourself 20% by paying annually in advance for just $720. That's 2 months free!

What do you get? App hosting, your own URL, database backup, unlimited changes / additions, peace of mind, unlimited support, more time with your family.

And for even more savings, refer others and get a further 10% discount on either your monthly fee, or annual payment, for each referral.

Contact Me, Brad Thomas

I bring a personal and effective approach to every project I work on.

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My Location

4 Richmond Place, Forest Lake, QLD, 4078, Australia

Email & Phone

[email protected]

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